If you have batches that may interest us, you can send us the details via email or fax joining the lists and photos when possible. We will fix an appointement and give you a visit.

We buy the merchandise at removal price ex-works with payment before removal.


We are interested in yarn stocks of first or second quality with the following characteristics:

  • cotton

  • acrylic

  • polyester

  • viscose

  • chenille

  • polyamide

  • polypropylene

We are particularly interested in yarn of first or inferior quality with the following characteristics:



Cotton : combed ou carded (classical ou open-end cone)

Nm 1/28, 1/34, 1/40, 1/50, 1/60...

Cotton yarn retord

Nm 2/34, 2/40, 2/50, 2/60, 2/80...

Polyester : texture or dart

75Den, 110Den, 150Den, 300Den...

Polyester continued

Nm1/34, Nm1/40, Nm1/50, Nm1/60...




We are also interested in mixtures of the former characteristics, ex. poly/cotton, unbleached or dyed in various titrations.


We are interested in fabric batches stitch or chain and weft (unbleached, dyed, or printed), by the pound.